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Discover new ways of monetizing your content with Snacc - the new social media platform for food.

Content monetization

Turn passion into revenue

Snacc makes it possible to make money doing only what you love: making great food. And that doesn’t mean promoting sponsored products - all you have to do is post your recipes.

Earn commissions on

ingredient purchases

Earn commissions on ingredient purchases

Through the magic of integrated delivery, your followers can automatically order everything they need to cook your recipes. When they do this, you get a commission on the ingredients they purchased because of you.

Sell premium content

Sell premium content

Maximize your income by monetizing your most premium content. Through our paywall system, you can choose to make this content available either through paid subscriptions or individual purchases.

Offer meal plan subscriptions

Offer meal plans subscriptions

If you love meal planning, you can help those who don’t. Offering meal plan subscriptions can help you grow a loyal following and generate a steady income through subscription fees.

About Snacc

The social meal planner

We love discovering recipes on social media, but actually using them requires planning and shopping.

With Snacc, you get the same experience but without the work: you can plan your entire week and fill it with recipes from your favorite content creators, and have the ingredients delivered at home.

Find personalized

inspiration in your feed

It’s a social media feed with a twist: it knows what your dietary needs and preferences are. As a result, you will easily find recipes you could actually use in your daily life.

Plan for your

whole family in minutes

With the click of a button, our meal planner will suggest to you how to plan your week according to your household size, budget and diet. Our algorithm uses the recipes you’ve created, liked or saved, so you are guaranteed to find a solution you love.

Save time and money through automated shopping

Whether you just want to try a single recipe or shop for the whole week, you can have everything you need delivered at home. All you have to do is choose what you want to cook.

Integrated delivery

Your recipes at your followers' doorsteps

Snacc can convert any combination of recipes to an online order where delivery is supported. In other words: your meals could be delivered all over the world, similar to a meal kit delivery service. This is how it works:

1. Automated shopping lists

1. Automated shopping lists

Single recipes or entire meal plans can easily be converted into shopping lists, and factors such as household size and current inventory are automatically accounted for.

2. Automated ordering

2. Automated ordering

With a shopping list in place, users can choose an online retailer to place their order with and have their entire shopping list added to the cart.

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